SNDS and database


Today, health research can rely on numerous databases, including the SNDS (French National Health Data System), which brings together data from the PMSI of the SNIRAM and the EGB and is regularly enriched with new bases under the aegis of the Health Data Hub. Epidemiological registers from health surveillance, data warehouses, large national cohorts or databases from connected medical devices are other useful sources of data for research. These data can be used to model care paths, measure care consumption, make comparisons, estimate costs, study treatment sequences or define target populations.

A particularly interesting study design consists of linking the SNDS data to a cohort by a probabilistic chain. In addition to the cohort variables, the SNDS variables are also available at the individual level, allowing for robust analyses. Kappa Santé has conducted several of these chain studies and masters the various technical and regulatory aspects.


The use of this type of data for research can however be complex. We can assist you in the implementation of studies using these different bases by guaranteeing the best methodological choices and innovative methods combining data science and statistical modeling.

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