CSR commitment

Corporate social responsibility is a "concept that refers to the voluntary integration by companies of concerns social and environmental to their business activities and their relationships with their stakeholders" (European Commission, 2002).

In other words, it refers to the actions taken by companies to have a positive impact on society, in environmental or ethical terms for example, while remaining economically viable. It concerns all companies, whatever their size, legal form or sector of activity. These companies are therefore committed to sustainable development in 3 areas: societal, social and environmental. To help them in their approach, guidelines are recommended by the international ISO 26000 label, which also assesses organizations' commitment to sustainable development, as well as their overall performance.

This label defines the scope of CSR around 7 themes:

  • Organizational governance
  • Human rights
  • Relationships and working conditions
  • The environment
  • Fair practices
  • Consumer issues
  • Communities and development


Commitment to equality and diversity

  • Commitment to women's leadership
  • Equitable distribution of teams and managers
  • Equal pay for men and women
  • Zero discrimination policy in hiring
  • Several nationalities, different origins
  • Employment of young people and seniors
  • Developing talent from all horizons

Ethical business conduct             

  • Commitment to human rights (Global Compact)
  • Setting up an ethics charter
  • Implementation of an anti-corruption policy and awareness-raising Commitment to respecting competition
  • Personal data protection: appointment of a DPO within the company, RGPD training for all
  • Commitment to transparency with stakeholders
  • Commitment to fair relations with suppliers

Health and safety at work

  • Work-life balance (introduction of teleworking, flexible leave arrangements)
  • Workspace design (wrist rests, screen risers, etc. to prevent RSI)
  • Social benefits (luncheon vouchers, company health insurance, employee Christmas)
  • Listening to employees' needs and good relations with colleagues: annual general meeting, social dialogue with management/work council meetings, team building
  • Commitment to benevolent management and the right to make mistakes
  • Low number of workplace accidents
  • Low absenteeism

Skills development

  • Annual and ongoing training plan
  • Maintaining and upgrading employee skills

Anchoring and contributing to local development

  • Job creation
  • Recruitment of work-study students and interns to help with professional integration
  • Commitment to humanitarian causes through a policy of patronage of educational aid, via donations to France parrainage
  • Kappa, a socially responsible company

Selective sorting

  • Sorting Awareness
  • Sorting instructions posted for all to see

Sustainable mobility

  • Several teleworking days a week
  • Remote meetings
  • Use of public transport
  • Travel by train rather than plane for staff (ARC)
  • Towards more sustainable mobility and a reduced carbon footprint

Reducing paper use

  • Reducing the use of paper (introduction of electronic signatures, ACCESS database for digitizing CVs and job descriptions, dematerialization of invoices, pay slips and certain aspects of the HR system).
  • Towards a more digital company (eCRF, eTMF etc...)

100% eliminates plastic water bottles for staff

  • Installation of reusable cups
  • Provision of water bottles for all staff
  • Water filtration system

Implementing ecogestures

  • Lights off
  • Reducing room temperature
  • Careful use of water
  • Double-sided printing
  • Use of washable and reusable crockery
  • Discussions with the CSE on the right thing to do: switching off certain appliances, unplugging sockets...

Literature review

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Preference studies

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